The php7-sapnwrfc extension wraps the SAP NW RFC library and uses the provided methods to allow PHP developers to call remote-enabled ABAP modules.

If you do not have prior experience with the SAP NW RFC SDK, the lecture of the following articles is highly recommended:

Quick start

The following simple example calls the RFC-enabled ABAP module STFC_CHANGING and dumps its return value:


use SAPNWRFC\Connection as SapConnection;
use SAPNWRFC\Exception as SapException;

$config = [
    'ashost' => '',
    'sysnr'  => '00',
    'client' => '123',
    'user'   => 'YOUR USERNAME',
    'passwd' => 'YOUR PASSWORD',
    'trace'  => SapConnection::TRACE_LEVEL_OFF,

try {
    $c = new SapConnection($config);

    $f = $c->getFunction('STFC_CHANGING');
    $result = $f->invoke([
        'START_VALUE' => 0,
        'COUNTER' => 1,

    * array(2) {
    *   ["COUNTER"]=>
    *   int(2)
    *   ["RESULT"]=>
    *   int(1)
    *   }
} catch(SapException $ex) {
    echo 'Exception: ' . $ex->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;

Read the usage guide for a detailed explanation of the provided interface.

Usage scenarios

Not all functionality of the SAP NW RFC SDK has been implemented in this exension (yet). Basically, we distinguish between two scenarios:

  • Client: Calling ABAP modules from PHP code

  • Server: Calling PHP code from an ABAP client

Currently, the extension only supports the client scenario, that is calling ABAP function modules from PHP.

It does not support the server scenario at this moment.

Other functionality might also not be available in this extension. If you have special needs, feel free to open an issue or a pull request on GitHub.