The installation of the php-sapnwrfc extension consists of three steps.

  • Installing the SAP NW RFC library

  • Compiling the PHP extension

  • Enabling the extension in your PHP configuration

Installing the SAP NW RFC library

You can find detailed instructions on how to compile, install and use the SAP NW RFC library on

The SAP NW RFC SDK is fully backwards compatible, supporting all NetWeaver systems, from today’s S4 down to R/3 release 4.6C. Using the latest version is recommended.


Changed in version 1.4.0: This extension only supports building for SAP NW RFC SDK 7.50.

Download the SAP NW RFC library

To download the SAP NW RFC library, go to the Software Center on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Enter SAP NW RFC SDK 7.50 in the search box. Then download the library version that suits your platform.

Search for SAP NW RFC SDK 7.50

If you don’t already have it, you also need the SAPCAR utility to extract the library. You can also download it from the SAP Support Portal. Search for SAPCAR.

Search for SAPCAR

Extract the library to a directory on your machine. This guide uses /usr/sap/nwrfcsdk (on Linux) or C:\nwrfcsdk (on Windows) as the default path. You are free to choose another directory. If you do so, make sure to substitute the correct path in the instructions below.

Configuring the library path

You have to configure your system to include the lib directory of your SAP NW RFC library installation in the library search path.


Create the file /etc/ with following contents:


Then run ldconfig.


On a command prompt, execute set PATH=%PATH%;C:\nwrfcsdk\lib. This is temporary the change will be lost as soon as you close the command prompt.


The steps might differ depending on your version of Windows.

To permanently add the library to the PATH environment variable, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu and type environment

  2. Select Edit the system environment variables or Edit environment variables for your account, depending on whether you want to set the path for the user or the whole system.

  3. Select the PATH environment variable, click Edit and add the path C:\nwrfcsdk\lib.

Compiling the PHP extension

Follow the steps in Building from source to build the extension.

Enabling the extension

To enable the extension, add one of the following lines to your php.ini:

# for Linux/Unix

# for Windows

You can verify that the extension is loaded by inspecting the output of php -m. It should contain a line sapnwrfc.